River Falls Mother: Take Home Where My Girls Died Off Market

Updated: 11/21/2012 10:31 AM KSTP.com By: Joe Mazan

The mother of three girls brutally murdered last summer is pleading that the house in River Falls where her daughters died be taken off the market.

Jessica Schaffhausen is upset the family of her ex-husband Aaron Schaffhausen placed the home for sale, even as he faces trial for the killings. The four bedroom home was listed at $229,000 by Edina Realty.

In a letter sent to the listing agent Jessica said a sale would let her daughters murderer "get tens of thousands of dollars," it will "disqualify him for the public defender he is using," and "the criminal trial process would be set back drastically."

Edina Realty pulled the home off the market. Jessica Schaffhausen was renting the home from Aaron at the time of the murders. We contacted Aaron Schaffhausen's attorney but he did not call us back.