Fire Chief: Cigarette Likely Cause of Eagan Apt. Fire

Updated: 11/22/2012 12:30 PM By: Kate Renner

An early morning fire displaced 20 residents in Eagan Thanksgiving morning.

The Eagan Fire Chief says it looks like the fire started up on a second floor deck. The fire spread to all three floors, mostly from deck to deck. The water used to put out the fire damaged six apartments, leaving 20 people out in the cold on Thanksgiving morning.

Eagan Fire Chief Mike Scott says all signs point to a cause of a cigarette that wasn't put out, likely it was tossed on the wooden deck. The vinyl siding of the apartment was extremely hot which caused the flames to spread from floor to floor.

One person suffered a minor injury; someone on the first floor tried to put out the fire by swatting at it with clothing. He was treated on the scene.

One resident, Lisa Farley said she just moved to Cinnamon Ridge Apartments after her previous apartment was flooded out and she lost everything. Now she has to deal with this mess.

The Salvation Army is assisting a few families. Other families tell 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS they'll be staying with family on Thanksgiving evening.

According to the Chief Scott, some families will probably be put out for a month.