Eagan Fire Leaves Dozens Homeless on Thanksgiving

Updated: 11/23/2012 6:57 AM KSTP.com By: Todd Wilson

Matt Farley can't believe how bad his apartment smells after a fire. It was supposed to be his family's second home at the Cinnamon Ridge Apartments in Eagan. He was eager to put down roots.

"Yeah, but I don't think that's going to happen here," Farley said.

Over two dozen apartments were evacuated as fire ripped through his building Thursday morning. Six apartments suffered damage including Farley's.

Farley's wife, Lisa says, three weeks ago they just moved into a first floor apartment when it flooded, they lost everything.

So, they were put into a model unit until they could move into their new third floor place. Now that apartment is damaged.  

"I wanted to cry, I was shocked," Lisa Farley said.

Anna Kelly says, the feelings of shock are mutual. She had just moved into her apartment the firs of November. Her apartment is heavily damaged throughout. She says, at least she has a place to stay.

"With my sister, and her husband and two children," Kelly said.

But the Farley's are not sure where they are going to stay. Seven year old Kersten is autistic, epileptic and asthmatic. They say, they can't go back to their third floor apartment.

At the moment Matt Farley says, their only concern is a good Thanksgiving dinner and being together.

"I'm with the family that I love," Farley said.

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