Hopkins Square Dancers "Faithful To The Cause"

Updated: 11/25/2012 7:53 PM KSTP.com By: Chris Egert

For almost 30 years now, a group of Hopkins residents have been do-si-doing away their afternoons.

The Afternoon Squares range in age from 40 to 87 according the the long-time caller of the group, Abe Meier of Clearwater.

Meier calls square dancing in several different communities around Minnesota, but says the Hopkins group is "really faithful to the cause after all these years."

The group meets Thursday afternoons at 12:30 at the Hopkins Activity Center.  

A dance will cost you 5 bucks, but well worth it, according the Meier.

Meier believes all those circle lefts, circle rights, and promenades aren't just good physical activity, but "good for dancer's brains" as well.  

He aims to "keep folks on their toes" when he's calling for a group.

Many clubs meet during the evening, but the Afternoon Squares enjoy their daylight dancing, it makes it easier for dancers to not have to drive at night.

Meier says while other dancers in other parts of Minnesota only meet weekly or monthly, the Hopkins bunch is "unique because they dance every week."

Find more information at: www.afternoonsquares.com