Study: Alarming Number of Kids Injured by Bounce Houses

Updated: 11/27/2012 7:25 AM By: Ellen McNamara

With no sharp edges, you would think a blow up bounce house would be safe.

However, a new nationwide study found the number of injuries is skyrocketing.

Kids often crowd into the bounce houses and their bouncing can send other kids flying into the air. With more people renting or buying the houses for parties, more kids are getting hurt.

The new study in The Journal Pediatrics documented more than 200 injuries a week. Most of them happen to kids between three and nine years old.

In a recent accident involving a bounce house, 13 people were injured, including children.

The most serious cases typically involved bounce houses that were not tied down.

Researchers say from 1990 to 2010, more than 64,000 children were sent to the emergency room due to injuries in the air filled playhouses.

By the last year of the study, an average of 31 children were hurt each day.

Most of the injuries came from children falling down or running into each other, resulting most often in broken bones and sprains to the arms and legs.

There are also other areas of concern.

"They did see that 7 percent percent of the children had concussions, and we really worry about head injuries, in particular in young children," Dr. Richard Besser said.

Only about 3 percent of children were hospitalized, mostly for broken bones.

While this study did not include deaths, the product safety commission reports four deaths from 2003 to 2007 all involving kids hitting their heads.