COLUMN: Aaron's Backstage Pass: Dickey’s Eating Challenge

Updated: 11/28/2012 11:12 AM By: Hannah Anderson

For the month of November Dickey’s BBQ Pit in St. Cloud, MN has held a barbecue eating contest. Every Monday for three weeks, five men and five women competed against each other to see who could eat the most barbecue sandwiches in five minutes. 

Then on the fourth week all of the winners from the previous weeks came back to compete against each other and the winner won free Dickey’s Barbecue for a year.

All of the competitors had to pay $2.27 to enter and the people watching the contest were asked to donate a dollar. All of the money collected went to local charities.

Why $2.27? The reason behind it is, if you look on an old fashioned phone, the number 2 is the letter B and the number 7 is the letter Q. So the $2.27 stands for BBQ.

The rules were pretty simple. Each person had to eat as many BBQ sandwiches as they could in five minutes. The person with the cleanest plate won. If there was a tie, then the people had to eat a dish of beans and the person who ate them the fastest won.

Dan Stuttgen who is the owner of Dickey’s said that this was the first time that they have done a contest like this. He said it was really fun putting it together and he hopes that Dickey’s can do something like the BBQ eating contest again in the future.

I missed the first night of the competition, but I made it the other nights and it was a lot of fun. I had never seen an eating contest in person and it was pretty exciting.?? Every competitor had their own method of eating. Some people just tried to eat the sandwich as fast as they could; some dunked the sandwich in a cup of water.

One the final night the winner of the men’s division was Eric Elliott and he at five sandwiches and the winner of the women’s division was Laura Hill and she ate three sandwiches.

This was such a great event and I hope Dickey’s does another eating competition again.  The people who competed in it had a lot of fun and so did the spectators.

Aaron Chalich is a columnist for blogging about the latest entertainment news.