Events Held at the Metrodome Looking for a New Home

Updated: 11/29/2012 7:28 PM By: Todd Wilson

The Metrodome's days are numbered. The Minnesota stadium authority will shut it down, They're just not sure on the date.    

"Although there is a question whether 2014 will still be maintained at the Metrodome. We don't quite know until we get the final design of the stadium," Michele Kelm-Helgen, Chairwoman of the Minnesota Stadium Authority said. 

Events like the Monster Jam will be looking for a home. Kenna Conway who works with Monster Jam says, the events are responsible for finding their own venues. 

"Hopefully they will have us back but right now we don't know where we are going on the hiatus," Conway said. 

40,000 fans are expected at the Dome for Monster Jam. That's $130,000 in ticket sales. That does not include all the revenue generated at restaurants, parking, hotels and shopping.

The event also contributes to the Minneapolis economy by contracting with local businesses like the trucks that brought in all the dirt, the heavy lifters plus the 40 crushed vehicles that are brought in for the Monster Jam are from a local salvage company.

We found out a possible venue for Monster Jam may be the Xcel Energy Center. This afternoon a representative told us they would be delighted to have the event.