COLUMN: Aaron’s Backstage Pass: CuddleUppets Review

Updated: 11/30/2012 11:11 AM By: Hannah Anderson

I’m sure you have all seen the ads on TV for the Jay@Play CuddleUppets. I see the ad many times on various networks when I am watching television and every time my kids see the ad, they all scream that they want one. My oldest who is five, knows the jingle and sings it all the time.

For those of you that do not know what a “CuddleUppet “is, it’s a blanket that has a puppet on the end of it. There are eight different ones to choose from. There is a “Green Crocodile,” “Yellow Dog,” “Pink Poodle,”  “Purple Monkey,” “Blue Elephant,” “White Unicorn,” “Red Ladybug” and “Brown Bear.”

About I a week ago I received a “Yellow Dog CuddleUppet” for review from Jay@Play and my kids have played with it for about a full week and absolutely love it. I was very impressed with the product for many reasons.

First of all, I do want to warn you that if you are going to get one, you MUST get one for every kid in the family. The “Yellow Dog CuddleUppet” started the biggest fight in the history of the Chalich household. 

I made the mistake of opening it in front of my two daughters. One is two-years-old and the other just turned five. I had to put it away, but I wanted them to play with it for the review to see what they thought of it.

So the next day I went out searching for another “CuddleUppet” and found the “Green Crocodile.” Everyone was happy after that, so now on to the review.

The blankets are pretty good sized. They are 28x39 inches and are super soft. They are made out of 90% polyester fiber and 10% eva foam. 

Each blanket has a puppet head attached to one end of the blanket and it is very soft. The heads are very detailed with eyes, nose, ears, teeth and tongues. There is a spot to stick your hand and you can make the mouth of the puppet open and close.  

Some of the “CuddleUppets also have a tail that is sewn on the end of the blanket. There are also feet and paws attached to the sides of the blanket. They are also sewn on very well and should not come off.

My five-year-old likes to put the blanket over her body and pretends she is the animal and chases my two-year-old around the house. It is pretty amusing to watch.

The blankets are machine washable and we did have an accident where we had to wash one of the “CuddleUppets.” My daughter got sick in bed and threw up on it. I threw it in the washing machine and followed the directions on the label and it came out clean and was still very soft. You could not tell that it had been washed.

I know that kids will and do love playing with “CuddleUppets,” because I watched my kids play with them all week and they have not put them down. They drag them everywhere and sleep with them at night. For me that says a lot, because we spend tons of money on toys for them every year and they hardly play with them.

I would highly recommend Jay@Play’s “CuddleUppets.” I think that it is a neat and fun toy for kids of all ages. Kids can play with them, travel with them, and sleep with them. The “CuddleUppets” are very soft and easy to wash if they get dirty. 

In my opinion, I think it’s a great product and before you know it, you’ll have their jingle stuck in your head. “Cuddle CuddleUppets! Blankets that are Puppets!”

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