Woman's Death Prompts Changes at Mpls. Intersection

Updated: 12/01/2012 11:23 AM KSTP.com By: Nick Winkler

Louise Laugen's death prompted the installation of safety equipment.

Laugen, 69, died December 30, 2011 crossing East 27th and Park Avenue in South Minneapolis. Laugen lived at Ebenezer Park Apartments, a senior housing complex on the corner. For years, her friends had lobbied the city and county to install traffic signals and crosswalks so seniors could cross more safely.

Many of the people who live in the complex are nearly blind, deaf, or need help getting around.

The group called itself the "Park Avenue/27th Street Safety Committee" but never made much progress.

However, after Laugen's death her friends demanded change and the city and county took notice. Traffic signals and crosswalks were installed and activated in August 2012.

Since then, Laugen's friends have been taking donations and are ready to unveil a memorial plaque they designed and created. The plaque will officially be dedicated to Laugen at a ceremony Saturday afternoon at two.

It's meant to remind people to slow down and be good to one another.