Richfield Police Warn of Possible Water Testing Scam

Updated: 12/03/2012 7:53 PM By: Amanda Theisen

Richfield Police have issued a crime alert about a possible water testing scam. According to the alert, several residents have contacted the Richfield Water Department saying green bottles were left on their doorstep with a request for a water sample.

The city says in one incident after the homeowner provided a water sample, a man returned with a "water report" and gave an aggressive sales pitch for a $6,000 water filtration system.  The man reportedly worked his way into the home and asked to use the bathroom.  No items were taken, but the homeowner said it was very difficult to get the man to leave. The individual did not provide a business card or company name.  He was seen driving a gray and white sedan in the 7200 block of Chicago Avenue South.

In another incident, a homeowner received dozens of calls from 651-304-4977 regarding water sample results. The calls kept coming even after the homeowner requested they stop. Richfield Police tried to call the number, but calls have not been returned.

The city performs weekly water tests at predetermined commercial sites and does not request samples from residents.  If someone approaches your residence asking for a water sample, you're asked to call 911.

The City of Richfield requires door-to-door solicitors to have transient merchant licenses. You're reminded to not let unknown individuals into your home or apartment.