COLUMN: Aaron’s Backstage Pass: Ben 10 Review

Created: 12/03/2012 11:04 AM By: Aaron Chalich

I have seen the show “Ben 10: Omniverse” a few times on Cartoon Network and thought that it was a pretty good kids show. 

It’s about a 16-year-old kid named Ben Tennyson and he has a watch like device called the “Omnitrix.” This allows Ben to transform into a bunch of different alien creatures that have different powers. 

He has a partner named “Rook” who assists him different missions. On one of Ben’s missions he is exploring an underground city called “Undertown” and comes across a bunch of aliens he has defeated in the past. They are all looking for a rematch and Ben has to fight them again while avoiding a mysterious hunter named Khyber.

This past week I received a review copy of “Ben 10: Omniverse” for the PS3 from D3Publisher. I really liked it a lot and thought it was fun.

In this new game, you play can play as young and teen Ben. You will be able to do this as you advance through the game. You will also be able to switch between 13 playable alien characters by using your “Omnitrix.” There are some new aliens that are added to the game that have never been seen before.

Not only are there new aliens, but your new partner Rook is also a playable character. You and a friend can play together as a team and this is a lot of fun. If you want to play just a single player game, the computer will control Rook.

“Ben 10 Omniverse” is the first video game based on the brand new Ben 10 series and has been released for all of the gaming consoles.

I really thought that the graphics were great and that the aliens and characters looked great. I thought that the animation was so good that the gameplay looked just as good as the cut scenes and it was very hard to tell the difference between the two. 

Everything was very detailed and a lot of time was spent creating the backgrounds and characters.

The controls were pretty easy to learn and the first level is a very long tutorial, but you do learn how to use Ben. You have many different attacks that you can do and there is a great combo system. There are hundreds of different combos you can do and as you play you gain experience points. You can use these to learn more combos and to upgrade your alien’s abilities. 

I really liked the combos system a lot and thought that it was brilliant. There are areas where there are a ton of enemies and if you keep hitting them without taking a break, your combos keep adding up. The most I have ever done was a 50-hit combo. 

You can also switch out the aliens at different times. You use the directional pad to choose which alien you want to change into. There are four aliens that you can quickly turn into, but if you want different ones, you can go into a menu and swap out the aliens. I thought that this was a great idea, because every alien has different powers and abilities. 

For example, there are areas when you need to climb and you need to use an alien called “Four Arms.” He is a spider like character and is really good at climbing.

“Ben 10: Omniverse” is rated E and is appropriate for ages 10 and up. 

I really liked “Ben 10: Omniverse’ by D3Publisher. It was fun and I really liked how you could change into all of the different aliens. The controls were easy to learn and the graphics were awesome. I know fans of the show will really like this game a lot and also people who are looking for a fun and entertaining game.

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