Prior Lake Neighborhood Faces Demolition

Updated: 12/04/2012 7:51 AM By: Todd Wilson

Andrea Mullenmeister and her husband are celebrating a new arrival -- their son Jaxson. Their plans are to raise him in the house that's been in his mom's family for 92 years.

This dream nearly turned into nightmare. In 2011 The city of Prior Lake had proposed to move county Road 21 to the south and take out 34 properties, including Mullenmeister, at a cost of $21 million. After much resistance from residents. . .city council voted to keep it where it is. Mullenmeister spoke with us in 2011.

"This has been my dream house since I was a kid," Mullenmeister said. 

Mullenmeister was relieved. But in 2012 it shows her joy is short lived. The city has come up with another plan.

Larry Poppler is Prior Lakes city engineer. He says, this proposal has less to do with County Road 21 and more with circulation of downtown.

"This study looked at how we maintain or develop traffic circulation in the South Downtown area," Poppler said.

This time around the city came up with 13 different designs but settled on this one.

Because it links our signal at County Road 21 and Arcadia to Highway 13 and Duluth," Poppler said.

It would cost around $5.4 million, and it does cut through homes. There is a bit of controversy surrounding a "Citizens Business Group," formed to give input on the project.
One of the 13 members in the group is a developer.

"Would it give him work, it could," Poppler said.

Poppler says, there isn't a conflict of interest because the Citizens Business Group has no voting power.

Mullenmeister says, it doesn't smell right and the plan needs to be scrapped. Plus she would love the chance to pass her house down to her son Jaxson.