Lack of Winter Weather Costs Businesses Big Bucks

Created: 12/04/2012 7:02 PM By: Scott Theisen

The warmer weather is a nice break when it comes to worrying about road conditions and piling on the layers but it's coming at a huge cost for the businesses that depend on snow.

At Wirth Winter Recreational Area, more snow equals more money. But this year, all they see is brown, dead grass.

"We depend on mother nature to get us cool temperatures - Minnesota temperatures - that just haven't come yet," said Facility Manager Mike Baker. "We need those temperatures to make snow so it's been slow."

Businesses throughout the metro area are suffering from lack of snowfall.

"Nobody seems to be doing great," said Guse's Hardware owner Tom Thomson. "I'm hoping for cold! It doesn't necessarily need to be snow, but cold helps."

Thomson says he loses $10,000 every month that goes by without winter weather so he picks up odd jobs to offset the losses.

"It's a way to keep a steady income coming in. You can't really do it just on retail selling."

And while Thompson looks for ways to make ends meet, employees at the trails will keep waiting for temperatures to drop. Both hoping to weather the storm, or rather, the lack of storms.