MN Teens Sought for U of M Driving Study

Created: 12/06/2012 12:57 PM By: Cassie Hart

The University of Minnesota is looking for teen drivers for a new study.

Researchers are looking to see how technology can be used to improve teen driving and to enhance parent's involvement as teens learn how to drive.

The U of M is looking for 300 teens from 15 select communities. Research Associate Nichole Morris says, "We are looking for teen from around the state who will be getting their provisional driver's license between January 15th and April 30th. They will also need to start the study within one month of getting their license."

Teens who take part will get a free smartphone and a year of service. Teens will also get $25 a month at the end of the year long study.

For more details call Nichole Morris at 612-624-4614 or email her at