Friend of Cold Spring Suspect: 'BCA Focusing on Wrong Man'

Updated: 12/07/2012 7:53 AM By: Todd Wilson

Jeff Scoles is a friend of Ryan Larson. He says Larson told him about the night Officer Thomas Decker was shot and killed in the alley behind the bar.

"He didn't wake up till they were halfway down the hall and they were yelling police. He woke up and by that time he had guns to his head. When he got out of the apartment he was walking down the stairs and he looked and seen the helicopters, all the county sheriff's were there, he didn't see the body or nothing," Scoles said.

Scoles says he's known Larson for 12 years. They met through mutual friends. He says Larson has lived above Winners Bar in Cold Spring and has worked for his family for more than two years.

He says Larson feels falsely accused. In fact, Scoles says he spoke with the BCA several days ago and told them they have the wrong guy.

"They talked to me in the back of a car and I asked them the same thing, you really think he did it? And they said yeah, he did. Those guys are crazy," Scoles said.

5 EYEWITNESS NEWS spoke with the BCA Thursday afternoon. They said the investigation is ongoing, the number of agents on the case has been doubled, they are still looking for a 20 gauge shotgun and they continue to ask for the public's help to find it.

Scoles says the BCA is focusing on the wrong man.

"He didn't do it, there's no way he did it," Scoles said. 

Watch more of our interview with Scoles here.