Vikings Stadium Funding Source Below Projections

Updated: 12/06/2012 7:29 PM By: Tom Hauser

The State of Minnesota is counting on electronic pull tab revenue to pay its portion of a new Vikings stadium.  However, so far that revenue is coming in about 50% below projections.  

Eventually, the state projects 2,500 establishments will offer the electronic version of pull tabs.  By now, they projected 300 would already be offering them. But so far you can only find them in 75 bars and restaurants.  So far only one vendor has been approved to sell the devices. Gambling Control officials expect the number of electronic pull tabs to grow as more vendors are approved to sell them.

The Vikings stadium bill does include back-up funding sources if pull tab revenue continues to come in under projections. One is a luxury tax on suites in the new stadium. The other is a "sports-themed" lottery game.