MDH Analyses Online Medical Record Security

Created: 12/07/2012 6:10 AM By: Joy Lim Nakrin

Changes could be coming to how secure your medical records are. The Minnesota Department of Health held a public meeting Thursday following a study ordered by the legislature on the issue.

The study analyzed how electronic records are used and audited. It also looked at how plausible it would be to provide audit reports to patients.

More than 260 hospitals and clinics statewide too part in the study, or about 25% of health care providers in our state.

Diane Rydrych of the Minnesota Department of Health explained of electronic health records, "that offers a lot of opportunity for improving quality and safety but there are some concerns in some quarters that it could increase risk for violations of patient privacy."

The results of the study will not be released until February 2013. But Thursday's public meeting was a preliminary discussion on the matter.

Representatives from major health care providers including Hennepin County Medical Center and Regions Hospital were there sharing how they use online records.

Kari Myrold of Hennepin County Medical Center said of their audit system, "we can run patient by patient how many users actually access that record, it will tell us what times, from what departments."

One major issue up for debate is how much audit information patients should have access to by law. Providers are concerned that if they're forced to provide regular reports it will be a big drain on their resources.