City of Minneapolis Prepared Weeks Ahead of Coming Snow

Updated: 12/10/2012 6:48 AM By: Todd Wilson

Saturday afternoon the city of Minneapolis Public Works had crews out on the roads.

"The regular day shift were out chasing complaints and touching up," Mike Kennedy of the Minneapolis Public Works said.

The snow fall was fairly light but the city of Minneapolis has a lot of ground to cover so they brought in their morning shift early. Considering they have over 1,000 miles of streets, 57 miles of parkways, 3,700 alleys, which is about 400 miles in length, 250 bridge sidewalks and 7 pedestrian bridges they felt it was necessary.

"We just put them in spinner trucks and they were out going around the main streets and then the night crew came in and we had about 15 pieces out," Kennedy said.

Saturday night is a whole new ballgame. The night was called in early to have a full spreader operation set up. They will hit main streets to keep traffic flowing and then move to bridges and side streets. Preparation was key to quickly remove snow.

"We have a sort of a staggered transition from our summer and fall work. We just finished sweeping the streets  a few weeks ago so a lot of the equipment we use for snow and ice are dedicated to that and since then we've been converting the equipment over, December first is our date we like to have everything ready," Kennedy said.