Digging Out from Under a Foot of Snow

Updated: 12/10/2012 2:28 PM KSTP.com By: Kate Renner

Minnesota drivers woke up to hidden cars. Some areas of the metro saw 14 inches of snow piled on top of their cars this morning, meaning many people spent the morning digging out.

The back streets of St. Paul haven't yet been plowed, so many folks who park on the street had some heavy lifting to do this morning.

Many residents say they have lived through too many Minnesota winter storms and know the tricks on how to park and shovel out after a snow storm.

St. Paul resident Chris Schodt says he left his car on the road and used his girlfriends car yesterday, "We figured at least we'd have just one car to dig out in the morning."

"I tried to park on a hill so I could backup, I looked for a driveway cause I knew they were going to plow out," said St. Paul resident Mike Kulka.

One trick a St. Paul resident shared, when parking pull backwards and forward to create a path in front and behind your tires.

That way, the next morning you won't spin a deep rut when trying to get out.