City of St. Paul Waits for 'Solar Energy' to Melt Icy Roads

Updated: 12/11/2012 12:27 PM By: Kate Renner

Slick might be an understatement for the road conditions all over the metro.

Tuesday morning the metro area had more crashes compared to the snow-packed streets Monday.

So why is the mess taking so long to clean up?

The city of St. Paul says the roads are still so icy because it's too cold for their salt mixture to work well. And that means a frustrating commute for St. Paul drivers.

Because the snow that fell on Sunday, has been compacted into what feels like a sheet of ice on the side streets of St. Paul.

The city of St. Paul says they are finished with the plowing phase of the snow emergency.

And right now what they're waiting for is some solar energy.

They're hoping a warm up from the sun will help melt all of the ice.