MnDOT Crews Focusing on Ramps, Loops after Snowfall

Updated: 12/12/2012 10:42 AM By: Tim Sherno

Commuters throughout the metro rumbled to work over rough, rutted roads.

MnDOT Spokesman Kent Barnard says the weekend's heavy wet snow provided the raw material needed to turn the roads into washboards, "The snow is like black-top and the cars are like steam-rollers going over top of it, compressing it, and flattening it on the road surface."

Commuter Donnovan Forbes from Eden Prairie says the rough ride could provide a windfall to auto repair shops, "When this is over, everyone has got to think about going into the shop and getting a front end alignment done."

MnDOT says crews are focusing on ramps and loops, and that an expected mid-week warm up will help.