Icy Roadways Slow Traffic Days After Snowstorm

Updated: 12/12/2012 6:12 PM KSTP.com By: Scott Theisen

In many spots drivers in the Twin Cities can see pavement once again after five rough commutes.
Warmer temperatures and sunshine Wednesday helped melt and break up some of the packed down snow.

Though, drivers in some areas are still slip-sliding and rolling through deep ruts and grooves.

Wednesday morning, St. Paul streets were looking more like an ice rink.

The freezing temperatures and compressed snow created difficult driving conditions.

Kent Barnard with MnDOT said, "The snow is like black-top, and the cars are like steam-rollers going over the top of it. Compressing it, and flattening it on the road surface."

Ten cars spun out, crashing north of the Lowry Tunnel Wednesday morning.

MnDOT and St. Paul have been applying chemicals to break up the ice, but it wasn't working in the colder temperatures.

Wednesday, the City of Saint Paul said on its website "Conditions are much better in most areas ... the commute may see several isolated problem areas, but not like yesterday."  

The city says workers will continue to work 10 to 12 hour days until the roads are clear.

Snow emergencies are no longer in effect for the Twin Cities.

During the snow emergency in Minneapolis, 5,201 drivers were ticketed for not moving their vehicles to make way for plows. 1,042 vehicles were towed.

In St. Paul, 2,521 drivers were ticketed during the city's snow emergency. 650 vehicles were towed.