No Power. No Heat. No Problem for Maple Grove School.

Updated: 12/12/2012 9:28 PM By: Tim Sherno

Officials in the Osseo School District were informed early Wednesday that a car had damaged the junction box feeding electric power to Fernbrook Elementary School. Officials were told that repairs would not be completed before school was scheduled to open, and there would be no power.

Fernbrook Principal Jeremy Willey says the school had a clear priority as it decided what to do,” The primary objective for me, or any school building is to ensure the safety of our students." Officials decided there was sufficient natural light and heat in the building, and generators could provide enough power in case of an emergency and chose to remain open.

Diane Schaefer has a 5TH grader in the school, she says she got word early in the day, "They sent us an email, and we also got a phone call that there was no power today. I called in and said should I come in, and they said 'Sure, we've got direct sunlight, and windows and flashlights, we're good to go"

Officials say it was safer to stay open than risk potential problems that can occur when an unexpected schedule change is attempted.

Mom Diane Schaefer says she agrees with the decision, "I think it's good for them. It was good enough for Abe Lincoln, right? They had school by candle light."

Power was restored by 1:30 in the afternoon.