Heavy Snow Puts Ice Rink Flooding on Hold

Created: 12/13/2012 9:36 AM KSTP.com By: Hannah Anderson

The state of hockey is still without most of its outdoor ice rinks. Despite the recent stretch of frigid weather, the temperatures haven’t been consistently cold enough to flood the rinks.

This weekend’s dumping of snow canceled all plans to flood St. Paul ice rinks for a while. During light snow, crews can usually work through it, but the heavy snow would have ruined the freeze process, making ice rinks choppy and dangerous, officials said.

St. Paul Park and Recreation planned to start flooding the rink at Phalen Rec Center on Friday but had to put plans on hold.

The rising and falling temperatures this week are too inconsistent for the ice to stay smooth. There have been single digit temperatures one day and highs in the 40s like on Wednesday.

The city’s 100,000 skaters will have to wait a little longer.

Even the city’s three refrigerated rinks, like Phalen, need consecutive sub-freezing temperatures overnight for good, quality ice.