Stolen Car Recovered from Cedar Lake, Owner Stuck with Bill

Updated: 12/14/2012 7:55 AM By: Scott Theisen

Authorities say no one was inside a stolen car when it was rolled onto the ice and into Cedar Lake in Minneapolis Thursday.

Rescue crews responded to the lake around 3 p.m. and began searching the water. Initially, they thought someone may have been in the car but no victims were found.

Crews worked from two airboats as divers went into the 34-degree water.

The Hennepin County Sheriff's Office says divers searched inside and outside the car in an area of the lake that is about 35 feet deep.

During the search, authorities learned the 1995 Honda Civic was reported stolen.

Investigators believe the car was unoccupied when it was purposely sent onto the ice in an effort to dispose of it after it was stolen.

The county says it's the owners' responsibility to recover the car. So once it does get out of the lake, the owner will have to pay the bill. The car will likely be pulled out Friday.

The ice on Cedar Lake is between 2 and 3 inches thick, the sheriff's office says. There are also areas of open water on the lake.

The sheriff's office is reminding people that ice conditions throughout the county are extremely poor. Last weekend's large snowfall and recent warm temperatures have created dangerous ice conditions.

The incident remains under investigation.