Dayton Has Lunch Date with New Senate GOP Leader

Updated: 12/14/2012 7:50 AM By: Jennie Olson

It's round two of Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton's culinary diplomacy.
The Democratic governor has a lunch date Friday with state Sen. David Hann, who assumes the role of Republican minority leader next month. It comes a couple of weeks after Dayton dined with the top House Republican.
Democrats will run the House and Senate when the Legislature opens in January. But Dayton has said he wants to involve Republicans in decision-making as long as they're willing to work with him.
Hann and Dayton have had sparred publicly over the years. Hann, of Eden Prairie, could be a candidate for Dayton's job in 2014. A "draft" Hann campaign is under way.
A Dayton aide says the lunch will be at the governor's official residence.

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