COLUMN: Aaron’s Backstage Pass: Christmas Is Here Again DVD Review

Updated: 12/14/2012 10:38 AM By: Aaron Chalich

Christmas is right around the corner so this is a great time to review Mill Creek’s animated film “Christmas Is Here Again.”

My daughters and I love watching animated films and cartoons together and we were really excited when I received a review copy of “Christmas Is Here Again” in the mail from Mill Creek. We had never seen it before and it looked very exciting from the picture on the front of the box.

“Christmas Is Here Again” is rated G and is about an evil villain named Krad who steals Santa’s toy bag. Eventually over time the children of the world forget about Christmas and the holiday spirit. 

One day a little orphan girl named Sophiana discovers an elf frozen in a block of ice and she set him free. The elf tells her the whole story about Krad and Santa’s toy bag. She eventually sets off on an adventure with a group of friends to find Krad and get Santa’s toy bag back.


I really liked the story a lot and so did my daughters. It was very entertaining, funny, original and heartwarming. The story is very touching, but yet there are a lot of funny moments with the characters.

There is also a lot of singing and the music is great. The songs are very catchy and cleverly written.

I also really liked the animation. I thought it looked great and was very colorful.

The one thing that makes “Christmas Is Here Again” stand out is the huge cast of actors who did the voices for the characters.

They include:

It was really fun to hear all of the actor's voices behind the animated character they played.

The one thing that I saw that may scare children is Krad and the scenes with him in his lair. I thought he resembled the devil a lot. He wore a red cloak and he lives in a place that looks like hell.  

There is also lava and fire all over. Plus he has prisoners working for him and they are very creepy. 

I was leery of letting my daughters watch this, but they didn’t seem too scared or bothered by it.

Again I really liked Mill Creek’s “Christmas Is Here Again.” It was a great story and had a lot of great actors voice the characters which made the movie very entertaining. Plus it was a great heartwarming holiday movie to watch with the kids.

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