COLUMN: Aaron’s Backstage Pass: Wipeout 3 Review

Updated: 12/17/2012 12:44 PM By: Aaron Chalich

I’m sure most of you have seen the show “Wipeout” on ABC. It’s a game show where contestants dress up in crazy costumes and compete against other contestants to see who can go through a very difficult obstacle course the fastest. 

It’s a very funny and entertaining show to watch, because the hosts (John Hanson and John Anderson) are constantly making fun of the contestants and each other. 

I was pretty excited last week I received a review copy of Activision’s “Wipeout 3” for the Wii U to try. “Wipeout 3”is based on the ABC game show and it is a lot of fun to play in my opinion.

You can choose to play single player or you can choose to play with up to four other players which is a lot of fun.

There is a really cool multiplayer mode called “Trap Attack.” The player using the game pad gets to throw snowballs and other objects at players as they go through the obstacle course. This was fun and made it very difficult for players to get through, because they never knew where or when a snowball or water balloon was going to hit them.

You start out the game by choosing a character. There are many different characters to choose from and as you play the game more you can unlock different characters. You then can choose a hat, pair of gloves, or pair of boots.

The many different types of gear will help you get through the course faster depending on what it is. You can also unlock more gear as you play the game. The last thing and important things that you need to select is the course you want to play.

There are over twelve different unique courses and they all have their own theme. You start the game with only a few courses available to choose from, but as you play you can unlock the other courses.

I was really happy with the number of characters, gear, and courses that were in the game. There were a ton to unlock and made me want to play the game a lot. As you play you get money and experience points, so the more points and money you have the more things you can unlock. You actually go into a shop where you can purchase and unlock all of the gear, which was pretty cool.

Once you have selected everything, you can go ahead and start the course which is made up of four rounds. In the first round you have to see how fast you can make it through the course. The course is broken down into sections and you get three tries to make it through a section.

After your third attempt, you will be moved to the next section and more time is added to your race time. When you fail and fall into the water, you get to watch a very funny cut scene that shows different angles of your fall.

The second round of the “Wipeout” course varies depending on the themed course you select. You usually play another obstacle course, but in one of the courses, you are standing on a platform and you have to jump over and duck under beams that are spinning in a circle.

The beams go faster and faster each time you succeed and when you are knocked off into the water, the round is over. 

In the third and fourth rounds, you have to try and get through two more different and unique sections of the course. The fourth course I more dramatic and it takes place at night and it is really fun.

The winner of the game is determined by who went through the course the fastest.

If you play a one player game, there are gold rings in each round that you can try and collect. If you collect some or all of them, you will get experience points that will unlock characters, gear or courses.

I really thought the graphics were great. The courses were very detailed and the cut scene animations looked amazing. The characters were also very detailed and their own unique features.

Everything was very colorful and looked sharp. I will probably mention this in every Wii U review that I do, but the graphics on the Nintendo Wii U are phenomenal.

I also really thought that John Henson and John Anderson looked and sounded great. I believe they used their real voices for the game. Their commentary was hilarious and I really enjoyed it. Plus there is a quick interview before you start playing the course with the character you choose and that is also pretty funny.

The controls are very simple and just about anybody can play the game. “Wipeout 3” is rated E +10, but my five-year-old daughter was able to pick up the controls very easily and actually gave me a run for my money a few times while we were playing together.

You basically run in a straight line and you either, jump, duck or slide under all of the obstacles.  You can also run backwards, but that’s about it. I really liked how simple the controls were, but the game was still very challenging.

Overall, I really liked Activision’s “Wipeout 3” for the Wii U. I thought that it was fun to play and the multiplayer mad playing the game a blast. The characters were fun to play as and the graphics were amazing and very detailed. I also really liked that just about anybody can pick this game up and play it.  I feel that “Wipeout 3” is a great game for families.

Aaron Chalich is a columnist for blogging about the latest entertainment news.