COLUMN: Aaron’s Backstage Pass: EA Sport’s Madden 13 Wii Review

Updated: 12/21/2012 11:23 AM By: Aaron Chalich

I had seen many ads on television and on online for EA Sport’s “Madden 13” for the Wii U. I thought that the graphics and game looked amazing. So I was pretty excited when I received my review copy from EA Sports earlier this week.

If you have read my review for “Madden 13” on the Wii, this might be a little repetitive. The game modes are pretty much the same, but the graphics and game play are so different.

When you start “Madden 13” the game goes through a series of update screens. You can update the game’s player roster with all of the current players. The game checks to see if there have been any changes and if there is a new update available, you can choose to load it.

Once you get to the main screen you can choose from a bunch of different modes to play. You can choose to play an exhibition game, where you can select any team to play against each other. 

You can also start a career mode, where you choose either a player or coach and your goal is to take your team to the Super Bowl.  

The career mode is a really fun feature. You can start at week 1 of the NFL season and you have to try and get your team to the Super Bowl. You play one game a week and you gain experience points by doing different thing like practicing before a big game. 

If you decide to practice before a big game, you can choose from a bunch of different scenarios and if you succeed, you will get a bunch of experience points. Before you select the scenario, you can see how many experience points you will get and what it is. You can use the experience points to improve your player’s abilities.

One thing that I really liked a lot about “Madden 13” on the Wii U is that you can play against other players online. On the main menu you can see how many people are playing online and you can also get special invites from people to play.

This was a lot of fun and I played many games online. I had no problems what so ever. The game never froze or lagged at all, which was amazing. 

You can also select a “Fantasy Football” game where you can check out stats and see how well your players are doing. You can also manage your fantasy football teams by setting up lineups and you can add and remove players. I’m sure a lot of people who play fantasy football will really take advantage of this feature.

Another mode I thought was fun was “Madden Moments Live.” This mode lets you relive some of the most exciting moments in football history. At first, you can choose from 13 different scenarios and eventually more and scenarios will be available as you play the game. 

In “Madden Moments Live” you are thrown into a certain situation and you have to make a comeback and win the game. For example, you are the Minnesota Viking and you are losing to the Detroit Lions 30-17.  It’s the third quarter and you have to make a comeback. 

This mode was so much fun, because they were very challenging and it took me many tries to complete them.

“Madden 13’s” graphics are amazing on the Wii U. The players look lifelike and you swear you are watching football on television. Every detail of the Madden experience can be seen clearly. I have played “Madden 13” on all four systems that it is available for and I would have to say that “Madden 13” looks the best on the Wii U. 

You may disagree with me, but that is just my opinion.

I thought the controls were easy to learn. If you did a pass play, you could see the buttons you need to push to throw to a specific player. The buttons appeared above the player’s heads on the field.  When they were in zone to catch the pass, their button would light up, so you knew when you could pass to them.

The gameplay is so much different because you can use the gamepad and I really like that a lot. 

You use the gamepad to select your plays. You can choose to choose a play from the playbook and there are tons of different plays you can choose from. You can also choose “game plan” where the computer selects the play for you. The computer will figure out in seconds what play would be the best for your team and it is usually right. You can also choose to reverse the play.

For instance if you were going to snap the ball to the right, you can change the play so you snap the ball to the left, but just tapping the selection on the gamepad. 

Another really great feature is that you can change up the plays and where the players move right before the play. All of the players are shown on the gamepad. The team that has the ball is represented by a circle and their jersey number is shown in the circle so you know what player it is.  

If you tap on the player you want to move and hold the stylus down they will be highlighted. If you continue to hold down on them and move the stylus to where you want the player to move on the field, they will then do that when you snap the ball.

I really liked this feature a lot, because it made your plays become very unpredictable.  The other team would maybe have an idea of what the play would be, but they didn’t know where my players where going.

I really liked the fact that you can play “Madden 13” without having the TV on. If you hold down the select button, you can choose to play on the gamepad.  This is such an awesome feature.  Everything looks exactly like it does on the big screen. The graphics look amazing. I really liked this because I could move to a different room and play. 

I was about 50 feet or more away from the TV and the game never froze or lagged one bit. I was very impressed.

Overall, I really enjoyed EA Sport’s “Madden 13” for the Wii U a lot. The graphics were unbelievable and the players looked so lifelike. The controls were easy to learn and I really liked how you used the gamepad to select the plays. I also enjoyed playing online and thought that it was great. 

I also really liked the fact that there are so many different features that you will not get bored with the game. I think that anyone who has a Wii U and loves football should definitely get “Madden 13,” because it is such an exciting and realistic game.

Aaron Chalich is a columnist for blogging about the latest entertainment news.