COLUMN: A Malat Musing: Christmas Plants the Seeds

Created: 12/21/2012 11:27 AM By: Phil Malat

Christmas is so fabulous on so many fronts. However, few joys loom larger than witnessing the shear unbridled ecstasy experienced by kids. 

Christmas is the beginning of embedding not only the belief that dreams can and do come true but more importantly that those dreams come true through love, compassion and generosity. 

Christmas begins the process of teaching that real joy and happiness in life comes from caring more about others than we do for ourselves.  

These Christmas seeds of caring and altruism can mature into a level of devotion for our fellow man which can ultimately guide much of our adult thinking and behavior. 

For it was those wild-eyed crazy dreamers, who never stopped believing in miracles, that found a vaccine for Polio, landed on the moon, and had a dream of ending racial hatred and bigotry.   

Making a dream come true for a kid at Christmas just might be the beginning of finding a cure for cancer, or feeding the hungry, or clothing the naked, or sheltering the homeless, or bringing peace to the Middle East.

What would Christmas be like without kids?  What would the world be like without Christmas?

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