Last Minute Deals May Be Harder To Find

Updated: 12/23/2012 10:07 PM By: Tim Sherno

Last minute shoppers looking for deals may be disappointed this year according to Professor David Vang from the University of St. Thomas. Vang says the financial advantage shoppers had in 2011 has shifted back to retailers for the 2012 holiday shopping season, "Last year the retailers had a lot of desperation. It was uncertain as to how much inventory they were going to need or use and so there were some really good deals last year. This year, the retailers seem to have done a much better job of managing their inventory."

Vang says this year retailers have stronger financial positions, and are not as willing to lower prices to raise cash, "Last year they were selling things below the cost, losing money on it because they needed the cash. This year they're not as urgent"

Zach Kolar from Greenfield started his holiday shopping just two days before Christmas, "Had to watch the Viking’s game. As soon as that was done, I figured I'd get out and figure out what i would buy for everyone."

Kolar says this year he's not finding the deals he found last year, "Not so much, having a hard time finding exactly what i want to get, too."

Vang says last minute shoppers should search for bargain in electronics. According to Vang technology merchandise turns over so quickly, retailers are more likely to get what they can for an item rather than hold the price.