Vikings: Be Wary of Fraudulent Tickets for Sunday's Game

Updated: 12/24/2012 3:00 PM By: Scott Theisen

The Minnesota Vikings are reminding fans to be aware of stolen or counterfeit tickets ahead of the team's sold-out final regular season game against the Green Bay Packers Sunday.

Those tickets are sold over the Internet and by ticket sellers near the stadium on game day.

Because of the Vikings ticket-scanning process, if a fan purchases a counterfeit ticket, they may not be able to get into the stadium and could be subject to investigation, the team says. If a person is already in the stadium and is caught in possession of a fraudulent ticket, they will be ejected and could be subject to arrest.

The team is also reminding fans that the Vikings Ticket Office, Ticketmaster and NFL TicketExchange are the only authorized outlets for Vikings football tickets.

The team is urging fans to use common sense, understand the risks and use the following tips to minimizes the potential loss if they purchase tickets from an unauthorized seller.

On Game Day:

  1. Always check with the Vikings Ticket Office or Mall of America Field ticket booths to see if tickets are available. Often times the visiting team may return tickets on the day of the game.
  2. Never buy an Eticket from anyone on the street. If you buy an Eticket outside the stadium you run the risk that it is fake.
  3. The Vikings have three types of authorized ticket stock: Vikings season and single game ticket stock plus Ticketmaster ticket stock. The counterfeiters have tried to copy all three types of ticket stock. If you are buying tickets on the street:

Buying Tickets Online: