Amy Senser Takes 1st Step to Overturn Hit-and-Run Conviction

Updated: 12/27/2012 8:02 AM By: Scott Theisen

Amy Senser's attorney has taken the first step in trying to get her criminal vehicular homicide conviction overturned.     

Back in May, Senser was convicted in the hit-and-run death of a Minneapolis chef in August of 2011.

Attorney Eric Nelson filed an appeal Wednesday. In a 45-page brief to the Minnesota Court of Appeals, Nelson argued the state didn't have sufficient evidence for a conviction.

The brief also stated "Ms. Senser's case underwent a series of unusual occurrences and prejudicial rulings that strongly contributed to the jury's verdicts of conviction. ... The trial court abused its discretion in not granting a new trial in the interests of justice."

Nelson asked for Senser's conviction to be overturned, or for a new trial to be granted.

Amy Senser Court of Appeals Brief