Rybak Legacy Includes Accomplishments, Shortcomings

Updated: 12/27/2012 10:47 PM KSTP.com By: Nick Winkler

Immediately after Mayor. R.T. Rybak announced he would not seek another term, supporters and critics began assessing Rybak's legacy.

Analysts characterize Rybak's tenure as reactionary. Rather than more aggressively push his agenda, Rybak was routinely forced to deal with external threats like cuts to local government aid, the financial collapse of 2008, and spikes in the murder rate.

Analysts say Rybak oversaw expensive settlements related to police civil rights infractions. Several department heads also left under questionable circumstances and received large payouts. Critics also say Rybak did not revitalize or deliver on all of the neighborhood improvements he campaigned on.

However, supporters credit Rybak with growing the urban core, helping to politically engineer professional sports stadiums, and expand light rail.

Rybak has a year left in his term and plans to improve education, revitalize North Minneapolis, and reform the police department.