AAA Says Winter Driving is Good for Teen Drivers

Updated: 12/28/2012 11:03 PM By: Todd Wilson

Jack Calkwood got some last minute instructions before heading out on the road for his first driving lesson.

His AAA driving instructor asked "Have you driven at all in ice, snow that kind of stuff at all?"

Calkwood's day will be spent on two and four lane streets no freeways or highways. He will work on acceleration, plus parking the car, right and left hand turns.

Winter driving in Minnesota is hard to do. At the same time, AAA believes it can serve as a great opportunity for teens learning to drive.

"By exposing them to these conditions now, they are going to get that supervised practice and be able to master those skills," Matt Hehl of AAA said.

Driving in winter is completely different from driving in the summer.
"Such as different following distances. You have to allow more time for stopping. Starting from a stop, a lot of people tend to want to give the vehicle a lot of gas to try to get the vehicle going on that ice, but often times less power means more traction," Hehl said

Minnesota law requires teens to get 30 hours of practice behind the wheel supervised with their parent, ten of those hours need to be at night. AAA recommends a 100 hours.