Playoffs Show Superstitious Side of Fans, Players

Updated: 01/01/2013 7:58 AM By: Ellen Galles

There's something about this play-off scenario that brings out a superstitious side in all of us.  We want to do the exact same thing to produce the exact same outcome. 

In this case, it's another victory against the Packers Saturday night.

Thraicie Hawkner from "Eye of Horus" metaphysical and psychic bookstore in Minneapolis says it's all about recreating the same energy and confidence.

"Anything that worked last time, let's do it again. Let's amp it up," says Hawkner.

At Winter Park they buy into that philosophy... at least when it comes to food.  The Vikings have had the same pre-game meal the past four weeks... and as long as their winning streak continues, the menu will be the same.