How To Catch a Cab on New Year's

Created: 12/31/2012 6:56 PM By: Mitch Pittman

The ball has dropped, the party is over, and now you're freezing in the street wondering how to get home.

Cabs are notoriously difficult to catch on New Year's Eve, but are a necessity for many who have gone out and celebrated a little too much to drive.

The best way to catch a cab, according to the folks at Blue & White Taxi, is to leave a little before bar close to beat the crowd.

Most cab drivers don't even take calls this night because things get so crazy, so it's best no not waste your time calling and just get out there and flag one down. You can pay extra, around $40 extra, to get a cab reserved ahead of time.

Whether it's a cab or designated driver, Minnesotans are getting home more safely. Minnesota has now had four NewYear's Eves in a row with no vehicle fatalities due to alcohol.