COLUMN: Aaron’s Backstage Pass: Monsuno: Destiny Review

Updated: 01/04/2013 10:30 AM By: Hannah Anderson

I just received a review copy of Shout Factory’s latest DVD release called “.”

The story is about a boy named Chase Suno and he is on a mission to find his father Jeredy who is a scientist and has disappeared. Chase along with his two teenage friends Jinja and Bren go to his dad’s laboratory and discover that he has stumbled upon a new creation of hybrid creatures called “Monsuno.”

The Monsunos are sealed in a container and can be summoned by the person holding it. The Monsuno’s can be returned to the container by the controller saying “return.” Once the Monsuno is back in the container they can heal and rest.

Once Chase and his friends discover a Monsuno named “Lock” that Jeredy left for him, they encounter a scientist named Dr. Emanuel Klipse. Dr. Emanuel wants the Monsuno that Jerdey left for Chase to use for his own evil purposes.   

Dr. Emanuel is also the leader of an agency called “S.T.O.R.M.” and throughout the episodes Chase and his friends are trying to find out what happened to Jeredy and to not get captured by “S.T.O.R.M."

You also learn that Dr. Emanuel has Monsunos of his own and he uses them to attack Chase and his friends. It was pretty neat seeing all of the different Monsunos and to see all of the exciting and thrilling battles between them.

I really liked the story and thought that it was pretty interesting. I watched all five episodes and it seemed like they just flew by. I wanted to see if Chase found out any new information about his dad and to see the amazing and action packed battles between the Monsuno’s.

The video quality and sound were really good. Everything looked sharp and sounded great. The animation was very detailed and well done. The characters and Monsunos were interesting and very detailed as well.

The DVD contains five episodes plus a bonus extra which features a bio on Chase and Lock. Two of the five episodes are the two premiere episodes (“Clash” and “”Courage”) that premiered on Nicktoons in February of 2012.

I thought that was pretty cool, because it explains to someone like me who has never seen the show before, what it going on and why Chase is looking for his father.

I thought that Shout Factory’s “Monsuno: Destiny” was a really good DVD. The episodes were very interesting and kept me entertained. The story and characters were creative and fun.

The Monsunos looked amazing and I liked watching all of the different creatures fight. I think that most teenage boys will find “Monsuno: Destiny” entertaining.

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