Railroad Opposes Proposed SW Light Rail Route

Updated: 01/04/2013 11:11 PM KSTP.com By: Tom Hauser

The light rail line in the works for the southwest metro faces another possible obstacle.

The preferred route identified for the line would require a re-routing of a track used by the Twin Cities and Western Railroad based in Glencoe.  

The railroad issued a statement this week officially opposing the re-routing of some of it's track in St. Louis Park.  It would require some sharp turns and a climb up a steep grade.  

In documents provided by the railroad, a consulting engineer says "having an elevated grade in a curve has safety implications for the railroad workers and the general public."  

The railroad says there would be a strong possibility of train derailments.  The engineer hired by the railroad calls the plan "unreasonable."

A spokeswoman for Metro Transit says they will review all objections to the route filed as part the environmental impact process.  

The new light rail line isn't expected to be completed until 2017 at the earliest.