Sand, Sediment Found in Sinks Following Water Main Break

Updated: 02/04/2013 12:29 PM By: Katherine Johnson

As you start to turn your water back on, watch out.  Sand and sediment is getting stuck in pipes, faucets and even toilets following Thursday's water main break. 

"I looked in my dishwasher this morning, there's three inches of water dripping out the bottom of it," said one downtown renter.

"I made sure I used the bathroom before I left work last night," said another. 

Muddy, sandy water is now moving up the main and into homes. 

Paul Gavic with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing says a quick way to check if your pipes are clogged is to unscrew the small part of your faucet where the water pours out. 

If you find any sludge, Gavic says it's probably also in your toilet pipes, washing machines and even faucet handles. 

"It's a big job. It takes a lot of time to do that and still, you might not get it all out," said Gavic. 

City officials say if you're dealing with sand in your faucets and drains, call a plumber and file a claim.  They do warn, however, that not all claims will be reimbursed.  The City of Minneapolis will look over each specific situation and decide what to do on a case-by-case basis.