Wild Season Ticket Holders To Recoup Interest, Partial Season

Updated: 01/07/2013 2:34 PM KSTP.com By: Kate Renner

This winter's shortened NHL season is expected to be either 48 or 50 games. But what does that mean for Minnesota Wild season ticket holders who lost out on the first half of the season?

Season ticket holder could be getting a hefty refund if they opted to stay with the team throughout the lock-out.

According to the Wild franchise about 90% of season ticket holders waited out the negotiations.

They'll be getting a refund for the 17 home games lost to the lock-out, plus 10% interest on the price of the ticket.

For on-the-glass seats, which cost $4,800 up front; they'll be getting a refund of $2,200 dollars back, that's including interest.

For lower level side seats, which cost $1,800 before the season; they'll be getting a refund of $820.

There will still be 24 home games at the Xcel Energy Center this season, but it could be a more intense schedule for players.

One Wild season ticket holder told us getting 10% interest for sitting around and waiting was an easy investment; but he's not in it for the money, he's itching to get in the stands.
"I can see the minute the game starts, the crowd erupting, into huge loud applause. It's time, we've waited what 3 months for the game to start, so let's just start going now," said Keith Miller, Wild Season Ticket Holder.

According to the Wild franchise, they can't openly talk about what season tickets holders will be getting until the deal has been ratified.

That should happen on Tuesday or Wednesday. Then the Wild will announce the home game schedule, and single game tickets for sale.