Twin Cities Girl Connects with Alzheimer's Patients

Updated: 01/08/2013 2:27 PM By: Kaitlin Stevens

She's only five-years-old, but a Twin Cities girl is wise beyond her years.

That's one reason why she connects so well with Alzheimers patients.

But, there's another reason, and it explains why she's a poster child for Gillette's Children's Specialty Healthcare "Cure Pity" Campaign.

Not much gets in Madaline Lavallier's way. Or limits what she does, despite the obvious.

Madaline was born with a complex spinal condition known as Spina Bifida. A wheelchair does for her what her legs, in braces, can't do on their own.

That's why she comes to see a physical therapist every week.

At Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare, the therapist teaches Madaline how to strengthen her muscles and Madaline inspires those around her.

It's Madaline's positive mindset that helps her overcome obstacles and create opportunities.

Her mom works at the English Rose Care Center for Alzheimers patients in Edina. Children are welcome, especially Madaline.

Madaline connects with the patients there despite a difference in age. They connect on a deeper level. They do crafts together and both benefit from the interaction.

Madaline is making cookies and the most of her life. That's the best any parent can ask of a child.

You can click here to support the CurePity movement by signing the Pledge to Cure Pity.