Winter Warm Up Warrants Caution For Ice Anglers

Created: 01/07/2013 6:57 PM By: Tim Sherno

With warmer than normal temps Monday, and still warmer days coming this week, Roy Carlson owner of Budget Towing in St. Paul suggests caution on the ice covering metro lakes, "The lakes just aren't safe. We haven't had a good enough hard freeze early enough."

Carlson says he's been pulling cars out of area lakes for 40 years, and this year is one that merits additional concern, "Very simply this is not the year to drive on 'em yet."

The Ramsey County Sheriff's Department says a car went through the ice on White Bear Lake over the weekend.  Jim Stockburber of Cottage Grove says the ice is safe, but this winter he is being especially cautious, "Two nights ago a big Suburban came by and the ice was cracking and it's kind of scary. They were driving 15 feet away from me, so it's kind of a scary thing out here on the ice.”