Residents of Downtown Want a New Elementary School

Updated: 01/07/2013 10:40 PM By: Todd Wilson

Becky Boland is on her ninth year living in downtown Minneapolis. Six years ago she thought about moving when she had her daughter Elsa. But with all their favorite things so close, she decided to stay. Boland says, the one thing that downtown does not offer? Is an elementary school.

"in the five neighborhoods of Downtown Minneapolis there's not a current elementary school that serves the educational needs of our children," Boland said.

The Minneapolis Downtown Council says, there are thirty-five thousand residents in Downtown, one thousand of them are children. That being said, Boland and other parents have been speaking with the Minneapolis Public School District about putting a school Downtown.

"What the district has said to us is that they understand that there is a population boom downtown and we need to figure out the best way to address it," Boland said. 

The Minneapolis Public School District sent me this statement:The continues to review the needs and options for the school district and ideas for areas of potential future needs in all areas of the city including the uptown/downtown areas.

Mark Stenglein of the Downtown Council says, an elementary school only makes sense. Considering his group would like to see the current residential population double by 2025.

"To have a bigger school downtown it fills that void. Now folks can stay downtown, one, two, three kids and have their children go to school," Stenglein said.

Boland says, the millennial generation wants to live downtown and that means also having a family.

"I want to wake up and walk my daughter to a school where she's going to get a phenomenal education," Boland said.