Lawmaker Demands University of Minnesota Reduce Tuition for Minnesotans

Updated: 01/08/2013 7:19 AM By: Nick Winkler


Representative Bob Barrett, a Republican from Lindstrom, says the University of Minnesota is charging Minnesotans too much for tuition.

He's calling on the university to reduce in-state tuition and increase tuition for out of state students.

Barrett's charge comes after he calculated the tuition gaps for each school in the Big Ten. Turns out, Minnesota's gap is the smallest with the exception of Northwestern.

Barrett found the tuition gap at Big Ten schools ranged between $12-26,000. Minnesota's gap was a little more than $5,000.

Barrett says the data show in-state students are subsidizing out of state students.

The University says it reduced out of state tuition five years ago in an effort to attract top talent. It says the effort was successful and some of that talent has stayed in the state.

However, the University says it and the Board of Regents will look at the tuition gap and see if any adjustments are necessary.