Christie: NJ Recovering from Sandy's Blows

Updated: 01/08/2013 3:52 PM By: Leslie Dyste

Gov. Chris Christie is again urging Congress to approve $60 billion in storm aid for states including New Jersey that were hit hard by Superstorm Sandy.

New Jersey's governor has been using his State of the State address today to outline a course for recovery from the superstorm.

Christie recently called out Congress for failing to pass the aid bill before New Year's.

Today, he said the state has waited 72 days for federal aid - seven times longer than victims of Hurricane Katrina waited.

Christie says despite Sandy's wallop, New Jersey will be back "stronger than ever" after the storm.

That was the big promise the governor made in his annual address, a speech that was more of a pep talk than a blueprint for plans going forward.

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