Police: Woman Robbed While Having Seizure on Light Rail

Updated: 01/09/2013 7:21 AM KSTP.com By: Mark Albert

A trio of thieves targeted a 25 year-old woman who was having a seizure on a light rail train the day after Christmas, stealing her cell phone and bag and racing off before police or paramedics arrived, according to the Metro Transit police chief.

"It's one of the more ruthless acts of unkindness," Chief John Harrington said in an interview Tuesday.

The three young men were captured on the train's surveillance camera, but the video won't be released publicly, Harrington said, because it could "just push them to ground."

"We think right now the investigation line that we're on is going to probably give us some results in the very near future," said Harrington.

Transit police did not take the names or contact details of any witnesses on the train because none would normally be taken on a medical call, police said.

It was not until after the woman was removed from the train and it had returned to service did the woman mention the stolen items, authorities said.

A rider who spoke with 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS and was one of the 911 callers said she witnessed the theft. However, the description of the thief she gave 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS did not match the description Metro Transit provided.

The thieves took "advantage of the fact that she's unable to take care of herself or her property and take belongings from her. It's a particularly cruel act in my mind," Harrington added.

Watch our story above to hear the radio dispatch calls and learn more of the theft.

Anyone with information should call Metro Transit police tip-line at 612-349-7222.