Minneapolis Hosts First Ever Regional Gun Summit for Mayors, Police Chiefs

Updated: 01/10/2013 3:36 PM KSTP.com By: Kate Renner

Law enforcement and local politicians from multiple states are gathering together to discuss gun violence at the Summit to Combat Gun Violence.

The summit was planned a year ago, but couldn't be more timely in light of the mass school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.
Mayors and Police Chiefs of Minneapolis and Milwaukee as well as Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison spoke today.

Representative Ellison outlined three changes he'd like to see to make our streets safer:

1. Reinstate the assault weapons ban, that lapsed in 2004.

2. Fully implement in-state criminal background checks so felons can't buy guns online or at gun shows.

3. Limit the amount of deadly ammunition shooters can hold in a single magazine.

Rep. Ellison says it's important for everyone at the summit to speak in a unified voice against gun violence.

The discussion wasn't just about national politics, Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak spoke about what needs to be done locally on the streets of Minneapolis.

The concepts and ideas discussed today will be forwarded to Vice President Joe Biden as part of his anti-gun plan he will present to President Obama.