Group Wants Stronger Background Checks on Gun Sales

Updated: 01/14/2013 7:53 AM By: Todd Wilson

Cindy Kennedy's son was killed August 20th 2011. She lost her son to gun violence. Kennedy misses her child.

"I wonder why somebody would do that to him, still to this day I don't know," Kennedy said. 

The question of "why?" never goes away. Neither does the longing to see, speak and hold that loved one who died so violently.

So family members of those who lost loved ones to gun violence gathered at Ascension Catholic Church Sunday in North Minneapolis. Brought together by their pain, they reminisced and talked about changing gun laws in Minnesota.

Heather Martens of Protect Minnesota says Minnesota has a law that requires people to pass a local background check before buying a gun from a licensed dealer. She wants the law strengthened.

"What we want to do is make sure that that gets extended to every gun sale, not just licensed dealers," Martens said.
Martens' group has a willing supporter in Sami Rahamim. His father was the owner of Accent Signage. He was shot and killed with five others Sept. 27 of last year by a former employee. He says, life has been rough since his dad was killed. but he feels he's been called to action.

"Since I've gotten involved in gun violence protection with Protect Minnesota, it's given me a purpose, something to work forward to everyday," Rahamim said.

Protect Minnesota feels that if they can change one law they may be able to save one life at a time.