White Bear Lake Student Scores Perfect 240 on PSAT

Updated: 01/14/2013 7:09 AM KSTP.com By: Tim Sherno

A junior at White Bear Lake High School scored a perfect 240 on the PSAT he took last October.

17-year-old Karl Breustedt says he felt prepared, "I had taken the practice test the night before, I knew what to expect."

Breustedt says he felt confident he did well, "I usually don't get too nervous when I take tests, so I guess I'm lucky in that sense."

In December Karl's school was informed of the test results, "My counselor came to my classroom and pulled me out and told me. That was exciting."

According to The College Board more than 3 million students took the test in October, and according to the White Bear Lake Area School District, only 216 got perfect scores.

Breustedt says he's considering pursuing a career in business or finance, the test results could help send him on his way, "Hopefully it'll mean I'll get a good scholarship through this maybe. It looks good to colleges so I'm hoping it'll help me get into a college of my choice."